Long term technical assistance for the Mauritanian climate change alliance programme (phase 2) – ‘Alliance mauritanienne contre le changement climatique (phase 2)’

Country: Mauritania
Language: EN FR
Number: 7888076
Publication date: 20-02-2018
Source: TED
Deadline: 12 days
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It should be noted that contract award is subject to prior adoption of a financing decision.This condition does not affect the elements of the invitation to tender procedure (this would be the case, for example, if the budget allowance initially planned were different or if the schedule for implementation, its nature or conditions were changed). If this condition is not fulfilled, the contracting authority may withdraw from the contract or cancel the award procedure, without candidates or tenderers being entitled to claim any compensation.

1.Publication referenceEuropeAid/ 139431/DH/SER/MR


3.Programme titleMauritanian climate change alliance (phase 2) – ‘Alliance mauritanienne contre le changement climatique (phase 2)’

4.FinancingBUDGET: DCI-ENV/ 2017/ 040 476 - AMCC2

5.Contracting authority— TheEuropean Union, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Nouakchott, Mauritania,— under direct management.

6.Nature of contractUnit price

7.Contract descriptionThe AMCC 2 (Alliance Mauritanian contre le changement climatique (phase 2)) programme is part of the 2030 Agenda. It mainly contributes to the progressive achievement of Goal 13 of the SDGs "Action on Climate Change", but it also promotes progress towards the achievement of the SDGs 1 (poverty); 2 (hunger) and 15 (biodiversity) objectives. Its overall objective is to sustainably strengthen the resilience of natural systems and ecosystem services that benefit the most vulnerable. It has two specific objectives, one of which is to strengthen the institutional mechanism in charge of monitoring and coordinating the issues related to climate change and the second is the adoption of good practices for adaptation and sustainable management of human and agriculture, forestry and pastoral systems in the Saharo-Sahelian region.Technical assistance, integrated with the MEDD, will therefore be provided to coordinate the programme, conduct regular monitoring of its implementation and ensure the capitalisation of the work. It will mainly be in charge of capacity building for the institutions targeted by the AMCC+ at both national and regional level under SO1. The TA will also be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the actions financed and for reporting. It will also be responsible for establishing the baseline situation of the programme and monitoring indicators. It must also identify and conduct, through short-term technical assistance tasks, relevant strategic studies in accordance with the programme"s action document and the terms of reference of the assignment.

8.Number and titles of lotsSingle lot

9.Maximum budget1 800 000 EUR

10.Additional servicesThe contracting authority may, at its own discretion, extend the project duration and/or contract scope subject to availability of funding up to an estimated maximum amount of 500 000 EUR. Any extension of the contract would be subject to satisfactory performance of the tasks by the contractor.

11.EligibilityParticipation in the contract is open to all natural persons and legal entities (participating either individually or in a grouping — consortium — of tenderers) that are established in one of the European Union Member States or in a country or territory of the regions defined by the instrument applicable to the aid programme under which the contract is financed (see also point 29 below). Furthermore, participation is open to international organisations.

12.ApplicationAny eligible natural person or legal entity (as defined in point 11 above) or grouping of said parties (consortium) may apply.A consortium may be a permanent, legally-established grouping or a grouping constituted informally for a specific tender procedure. All the members of a consortium (i.e. the lead company and all other members) shall be jointly and severally liable vis-à-vis the contracting authority.Should an ineligible natural person or legal entity (as defined in point 11) take part, the application concerned will be automatically rejected. Should said party belong to a consortium, its disqualification will entail the disqualification of the consortium as a whole.

13.Number of applicationsNatural persons or legal entities may submit one application only, irrespective of whether they take part as a sole legal entity, or as a lead company or member of a consortium submitting an application. Should a natural person or legal entity submit more than one application, all the applications involving the said party will be disqualified.

14.Prohibition on alliances between shortlisted tenderers.Tenders that include companies not mentioned on the application forms used to compile the shortlist will be disqualified from this restricted procedure unless prior approval from the contracting authority has been obtained (see section 2.4.3 of the Practical Guide). Candidates invited to tender may not form alliances or subcontract to each other for the contract in question.

15.Grounds for exclusionAs part of the application form, candidates must submit a signed declaration, included in the standard application form, to the effect that they are not in any of the exclusion situations described in section 2.3.3 of the Practical Guide.

16.Sub-contractingSubcontracting is allowed

17.Number of candidates invited to tenderOn the basis of the applications received, at least 4 and at most 8 candidates will be invited to submit detailed tenders for this contract. Should the number of eligible candidates meeting the selection criteria be less than the minimum of 4, the contracting authority may invite the candidates which satisfy the criteria to submit a tender.

18.Scheduled date for dispatch of invitations to tender20.4.2018

19.Commencement date of the contract1.10.2018

20.Implementation period for the tasks48 months for the Head of Mission Expert and 24 months for Expert 2

21.Selection criteriaThe same selection criteria apply for legal and natural persons.The following selection criteria will apply to candidates. Where applications are submitted by a consortium, the selection criteria will apply to the consortium as a whole, unless specifically stipulated otherwise. The selection criteria shall not apply to natural persons and single-member companies working as subcontractors.1) Candidate"s economic and financial capacity (details to be given in section 3 of the application form). If the candidate is a public body, equivalent information must be provided. The reference period taken into account will correspond to the last three financial periods for which accounts have been closed.This criterion ensures that the applicant (or the consortium as a whole in the case of an application submitted by a consortium):— will not be economically dependent on the contracting authority in the event that the contract is awarded to it, and,— has a sufficiently stable financial position to undertake the proposed contract.Criteria for legal entities and natural persons:1) the candidate"s average annual turnover must exceed the maximum annualised budget for the contract, i.e. the maximum budget given in the contract notice divided by the initial duration of the contract in years, if this exceeds 1 year (the minimum annual turnover does not exceed twice the estimated annual contract value, exceptwhere duly justified in the tender dossier), and2) the general liquidity ratio (short-term assets/short-term liabilities) for the past financial year for which accounts have been closed must be at least 1;3) the candidate"s professional capacity (details to be given in sections 4 and 5 of the application form). The reference period will correspond to the 3 financial years prior to the submission deadline.This criterion ensures that the applicant (or the consortium as a whole in the case of an application submitted by a consortium):— has the human resources and skills to undertake the proposed contract,— is not a body-shop subcontractor with no real expertise in market-related areas, but simply finds and puts forward experts who fit the project description.Criteria common to natural persons and legal entities:1) at least 2 of the candidate"s staff must currently be working in fields related to this contract;2) at least 25% of the candidate"s staff who are currently working in fields related to this contract are permanent;3) Candidate"s technical capacity (details to be given in sections 5 and 6 of the application form). The reference period will cover the 3 financial periods prior to the submission deadline.This criterion is to verify whether the candidate (or the consortium as a whole where the application is submitted by a consortium) has the skills and experience required to undertake the proposed contract.Criteria common to natural persons and legal entities:1) the candidate has provided services under at least 1 contract with a budget of at least 1 800 000 EUR in fields related to this contract and which have been performed over the last 3 years;2) the tenderer has carried out at least two contracts of at least 12 months" duration in the fields covered by this contract in the ACP, Maghreb or Mashreq countries or any other country which has been the subject of a programme in the field of institutional strengthening in the field of rural development or the environment since 2013.Any previous experience involving a breach of contract and termination by a contracting authority cannot be used as a reference.An economic operator may, if necessary and for a specific contract, make use of the capacities of other entities irrespective of the legal nature of the connection between itself and said entities. In such an event, it must provide the contracting authority with proof that it will have the resources needed to carry out the contract by, for example, producing a written commitment undertaken by said entities to place such resources at its disposal. Such entities, for instance the economic operator"s parent company, must observe the same eligibility rules — notably regarding nationality — and must meet the same selection criteria as the economic operator. With regard to technical and professional criteria, an economic operator may only rely on the capacities of other entities where the latter will perform the works or services for which these capacities are required. With regard to the economic and financial criteria, the entities whose capacities the tenderer uses shall become jointly and severally liable for performance of the contract.If more than 8 applications prove to be eligible, i.e. meet all the selection criteria, then the strengths and weaknesses of these candidates" applications will need to be re-examined to determine which 8 applications for the invitation to tender are the most suitable. Only the following factors will be considered in the re-examination:— the most projects in criterion 3.1,— preference will be given to experience in the Sahel region.

22.Award criteriaThe best price-quality ratio.

23.Deadline for receipt of applicationsWednesday 20.3.2018 at 17:00 GMTAny application received after this deadline will not be considered.

24.Format of the application form and details to be providedThe standard application form must be used for applications. The instructions and format of this form must be strictly adhered to. This application form is available from the following web address:http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/prag/annexes.do?chapterTitleCode=BThe application must be accompanied by a solemn declaration, concerning the exclusion and selection criteria, using the template available from the following web address:http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/prag/annexes.do?chapterTitleCode=AAny additional documentation (brochure, letter, etc.) sent with the application will not be taken into consideration.

25.Application submission proceduresApplications must be submitted in French only and sent to the contracting authority:— either by recorded delivery (official postal service) to the following address:European Union Delegation in MauritaniaBP 213 Nouakchott — rue 42-163 Tevragh Zeina — Nouakchott, MauritaniaIn this case, the record of delivery will attest to compliance with the final date for receipt of tenders.— or by bearer (including express courier services), delivered straight to the contracting authority, with a signed and dated acknowledgement of receipt, at the following address:European Union Delegation in MauritaniaRue 42-163 Tevragh Zeina - NouakchottTel: +222 45252724Fax: + 222 45253524Working hours of the EUD in Mauritania extend from Monday 8:00 to Friday 13:00.In this case, the acknowledgement of receipt will attest to compliance with the final date for receipt of tenders.The contract title and the contract notice number (see point 1 above) must be clearly marked on the envelope containing the application, and must be quoted in all subsequent correspondence with the contracting authority.Applications submitted in any other way will not be considered.When submitting their proposals, candidates agree to receive notification of the result of the procedure by electronic means. The notification will be deemed to have been received on the day the contracting authority sends it to the email address stated in the application.

26.Amendments to or withdrawal of tendersTenderers may amend or withdraw their tender by giving notice thereof in writing before the final date for submission of tenders. Tenders cannot be amended once this deadline has passed.Notice of amendment or withdrawal must be submitted and sent as per the instructions given in point 25. The word "Modification" (amendment) or "Retrait" (withdrawal), as applicable, must be written on the outside envelope (and on the inner envelope, where applicable).

27.Working languageAll correspondence concerning this invitation to tender procedure and contract must be in French.

28.Date of publication of prior information notice9.1.2018Notice number in OJ: EA1403 dated 9.1.2018.

29.Legal basis (1)Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union"s instruments for financing external action, and — see Annex A2 to the Practical Guide.

30.Additional informationThe experts selected for this project will be based in Nouakchott and should be able to travel to the Wilayas of Trarza, Brakna, Gorgol, Assaba, Guidimakha, Hodh el Chargui and Hodh el Gharbi.